Your Attachments May Be Killing Your Purpose

You can die not fulfilling your purpose because of your refusal to let go.


#REPLAY Brandy Explains Why She is Enjoying Her New Curves

Originally posted on MadameNoire:
Getty Brandy gets it. You think she’s pregnant. Her weight gain is such a surprise to you that it can’t be anything but pregnancy. But in reality, the star said that the story behind her fluctuation in weight over the last year or two is actually because she wanted and needed…


We need to make sure that we are thoroughly researching products before introducing them to our bodies


It’s Health Fact Friday! Today, we’re talking all things Agave from benefits, to uses, and even the origin of this wonderful tequila making plant (yes, it’s the ingredient behind your favorite drink *wink*). Native to the hot and arid  regions of Mexico and the Southwestern parts of the United States, agave nectar is a healthy, natural sweetener that’s gluten and allergen free. Found in…


Today is the day for all you peanut lovers ! Let’s celebrate a snack that can make almost anyone happy (unless you’re allergic, sorry), produce a variety of dishes, and most importantly a nut that isn’t really a nut. . . it’s a legume. In honor of one of the cutest holidays, we are paying homage…