Tyler Perry To Assist in The Rebuilding Process of The Bahamas + How You Can Help

Screenwriter/Producer/Actor Tyler Perry has announced via Instagram that he will be assisting with the clean up efforts in the Bahamas after cat 5 Hurricane Dorian hit this week, leaving a total of 7 people dead with an expected rise in fatalities. Perry, who owns the White Cay Bay island in the Bahamas, took to social media on September 3rd saying “To all the incredible people of the Bahamas who have welcomed me and called me and adoptive son, I want you to know that I am watching closely, and I will be there as soon as I can to help you to rebuild stronger and better . . .

The owner of the Madea franchise and his very own Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, GA is well known for his philanthropic efforts. In 2006 he founded The Tyler Perry Foundation which gears itself to charity work and assists economically challenged individuals and communities in achieving financial stability. In 2017, Perry had also donated a total of $1 million to Houston, Texas after Hurricane Harvey .

The Disney Corporation has also, reportedly, volunteered to donate over $1 million in Bahamian clean up efforts. If you would like to send monetary donations of any amount OR donate goods, please contact the United Way of Miami-Dade, according to their website: 100% of all donations to Operation Helping Hands will go directly to supporting response efforts in the affected areas. We will be updating the site periodically for all of the latest.

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