Your Attachments May Be Killing Your Purpose

Lately, I’ve just been receiving PERSONAL revelation… Maybe because I’ve had many things on my mind as we all do with our busy lives and even the mistakes we’ve made in the midst of it all. I am by far NOT a preacher, or minister I’m not sure if the good Lord has placed that anointing on my life or has called me to that area. I’m a writer… I write, I’m a thinker, a realist. I Digress.

What really was a revelation to me was that (and it’s no shocker) sometimes our purpose is withheld because of WHO we are ATTACHED to. The word already tells us that bad company corrupts good character (1 Corinthians 15:33) and I am a living witness to the word being true. Not only that, but if God has a PURPOSE for YOU and you are still entangled with old, dead things, situations-PEOPLE understand that you WON’T go into your destiny and you can die not fulfilling your purpose because of your refusal to let go.

What God has for YOU is FOR YOU… It’s not just a song nor a simple phrase of encouragement, it is 100% TRUE. Unless your significant other is your spouse or God has revealed them to be your future spouse… They can’t go and could be a hindrance. If your best friend is still lagging? They can’t go. If some of your family members are holding you back, they can’t go either! (And I’m not talking spouses and children but even adult children have to stand back at some point if they are not on board)

Brothers and sisters, it’s time for us to stop being stagnant and afraid to release those who are nothing more than a ball and chain. God is not releasing a single thing until we are in position because believe it or not, a lot of our blessings are exclusive. There are instances in the Bible where people around children of God received favor because they were attached to a person whom God favored but when a season is over, honey, it is OVER. It’s time to progress, some people are SEASONAL and God will allow certain things to happen, He will allow certain people to help you, but after that, IT IS TIME TO SAY GOODBYE! Don’t waste another moment with that purpose killer, they have died in their season and they will try to kill you too, at this point you are dragging along a CORPSE. Mourn if you have to but walk away from the grave.

As a woman…. A person who’s dealt with this and even STILL dealing with it I understand the difficulty of saying goodbye. I’ve ALWAYS been terrible at saying goodbye to the people I felt strongly connected to, mainly the romantic relationships that I’ve been involved in because I thought about how their feelings would be hurt and not seeing or hearing from them again but that’s EXACTLY what needed to happen for me to move forward. I don’t have all the answers, a lot of times I am simply preaching to myself. I hope that you can walk away from this article with something valuable.

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