Confessions of The Prodigal Daughter

I am confessing… I’m a spiritual mess.

My life has become a place of chaos instead of peace and I’m to blame. I went from Junior Bible scholar and baby intercessor to plain old struggling to read my word, struggling to pray, struggling to worship, struggling to get in the spirit-STRUGGLING! I have allowed my sin to slide me right out place. God is not pleased. I’ve never been so desperate in my life to simply be a Christian. Sex and occasional turn ups have turned my spiritual life DOWN. I have made terrible choice after terrible choice and I cannot hide it. None of my choices have led me to Christ and the distance is UNSETTLING (in the very least).

I am the blame for my actions and behaviors, undeniably. I can be blunt about it because I know that I don’t have to be ashamed. There are people reading this article who are just like me and they – you need to know how loved you are no matter how far you may have fallen from grace….. Fall down 7 but get up 8 sis/bro ! We also need to know that of we see ourselves being thrown into cycles that it is the work of the enemy to keep us trapped an entangled so that we do not pose a threat to his foul kingdom, but he is a liar!!! We are warriors, children of God! This road isn’t easy but it is worth it…every struggle, every tear, every loss, everything because we know that God gives us beauty for our ashes. He is so faithful…. The Bible says that He is faithful when we are faithless for He cannot deny Himself.

I’m putting myself on the figurative chopping block to as an example of the mess up-get up routine but the trick to getting OUT of the cycle is by staying up because we all know that falling down hurts…

I’ve made this short and sweet because it was necessary and SOMEBODY can use it one day or another at some time or another. Stay encouraged, my people. Reach out to me if you need to, remember we are @Ambitiousoulife on ALLLLL social media platforms. Like, follow, message, share! Much love to you, God bless you. 💋💙

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