FEMINISM: Submission-Irrelevant or Requirement ?


noun: submission
the action or fact of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person.

I think that by me being a single mother who’s handled business alone for so long that it has hardened me in regards to submission. It’s made it difficult for me because I’m so used to running (just about) everything. Even before that, I’ve always been super independent just picking up whenever, doing whatever and it’s been very comfortable [for me]. I’m sure that many women in today’s world can relate and believe it or not it is an issue….. especially if you desire marriage, ladies! (Shocker🤯) I know many of you equate the idea of submission to the pre-women’s rights era but I can assure you that it’s much deeper than that. Like many other things, submission has been something that hasn’t been properly taught and of course abused in a male dominant (not just society but) world.

A Photo Of A Lie I told ( CREDIT: Krystal Lee Instagram @iamkrystallee)

Listen, I had posted this meme 👉🏽a few months back thinking that my life was about to go from glory to glory all 2019…….. until it didn’t, and it was genuinely all my fault. God REQUIRES us to submit unto Him (insert scripture). There is so much failure without submission unto HIM, everything goes wrong and almost nothing goes right. I THOUGHT I fired myself from being His assistant but I didn’t, I only convinced myself that I did while making an entire mess..

Oh, and let’s not gloss over the fact that God does NOT need an assistant 🙄
Actual footage of me trying to fix my life

I’ve found this to be another one of my many flaws; enjoying this thing called free will a little too much that I started playing God … I’d made myself [my own] God … An idol, displeasing The Lord, and so much to the point where I just don’t know how to let go. What is a release? Fear? What am I afraid of? How can I truly repent if I just don’t know HOW to completely get up and get out of the captain’s seat and let the most Holy Jehovah God take the lead??? This whole time I’ve basically been conversing with the Lord like ” Yes, Jesus? Lord? So, about this life you gave me .. listen, I KNOW you are the Alpha and Omega, I KNOW you knew me before you formed me in my mother’s womb and YES I know you see all, you even see how my life is gonna end, nevermind the fact that you’re so old that you don’t really have an age because you sit OUTSIDE of time but… Sheesh… feel I can run this whole show with minimal interference from you… Thanks for everything! “. I have NO DOUBT that my prayers have been interpreted just like that and quiet as kept… yours probably have too at some time or another (if not, then please call me so that I can get delivert ).

And not to drift off topic but free will is such a beautiful thing but it’s so beautiful until it’s dangerous because we literally CHOOSE between good and evil… Our good and most graceous God, our Heavenly Father, Jehovah Jireh felt that although He WANTS us and PREFERS for us to choose Him… He’ll give us the power over ourselves to make that CONSCIOUS decision to choose righteousness because in the midst of every. Single. Correct choice, there is an option that links to error.

A not so fun fact remains that many of us have missed blessing after blessing and opportunity after opportunity because of our refusal to submit to Christ. We have gone on consistent losing streaks, wondering why we haven’t prospered, not realizing that much of it has to do with us playing tug of war with our lives.

Disobedience doesn’t just anger God, it hurts Him. He knows our very demise, our life is held in HIS hands, He knows where our destiny lies and don’t be fooled because Hell is so real, it wasn’t created for man and The Good Lord takes no pleasure in seeing what He has created in His very likeness to be in eternal torment. Trust me, I am preaching to myself.

As a woman who desires marriage, how will a Christ based Union work if I, as a woman, am out of place by refusing to submit to my husband?As a matter of a fact, if we won’t submit to God how can we be trusted WITH a husband? How can a man lead his family if the woman won’t follow? What will the children do? This would be considered a house divided and the Bible already states that a home that is divided against itself will fall (Matthew 12:22-28). Some of us haven’t married because we haven’t matured in that area and some women have divorced for the same reason. (Disclaimer: this is not meant to in any way insinuate that marriages end because of this one fact)

I’m going to go ahead and wrap this up, I’ve probably offended some, angered some and maybe even inspired some and hopefully made you laugh along the way. I didn’t touch on nearly as much as I had in my head but I’ll come back later and pray that it makes for a good blog post. Be sure to share and subscribe! We love everybody and of course we want you all to love us, chime in below in the comments.

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