Spirituality: I’m Christian and I Don’t Celebrate Christmas

Greetings, to you all! The holidays are over and lately I’ve been in a sharing mood by being a little more transparent. So, today we’re going to be talking about all things X-mas (I’ll change it if I feel led to).


Make no mistake, this post isn’t an argument about my beliefs being better or higher than another person’s, in fact, I feel that it was impressed upon my heart to not celebrate this year. Actually, this is my 2nd year abstaining from observing the holiday. I haven’t told  many people just to avoid explaining myself regarding the “why’s” which have nothing to do with my belief in Christ nor does it pertain to how “poor” I may or may not be. I feel that God has literally tugged on my heart and told me to. . .not give up on the holiday but at least place it on hold for the time being.
A few days leading up to Christmas, this year, I had attempted to place decorations outside of my home and, for some reason, felt some sort of conviction and I wasn’t comfortable leaving them up so I removed the item from my door. Before that, I did a real soul search regarding why I felt the way that I did about this holiday to make sure that I wasn’t crazy and nothing within me changed. It was placed in my spirit, however, that celebrating wasn’t necessarily right or wrong but a matter of choice. . .it may just be a case by case situation, but as for me, I strongly feel that I am being obedient (at least for the season).
Of course there has been a bit of pressure from family, friends, church members, and even strangers. Most of them ask “are you ready for Christmas?” and then others ask my daughter if she’s ready for Santa – while we aren’t against the holiday, I absolutely don’t allow my child to believe in the Santa Claus figure. Somehow to avoid extending the conversation, I simply answer “yes” to both questions. It’s always an uncomfortable situation being that I am a devout Christian with differing beliefs, raising children to also have differing views, rooted more in truth than the many traditions that’s been placed upon us. It’s certainly been difficult when those who’s been informed try to make it seem as if something is wrong with you for doing something differently and then attempt to overrule me by pushing certain things onto my child in effort to “save her from being robbed of her childhood”.
I don’t force my choice on a soul, I actually enjoy seeing others celebrate via social media. My major concern has honestly been finding a companion (husband) with similar values, that understands my views and doesn’t question my reasons. I won’t spark the “Christmas isn’t biblical” or the “this isn’t Jesus’s real birthday” debate. I will say that it’s okay to break away and start new traditions if you feel led to do so, as long as you know that Christ is leading you.

I wish you all a happy New Year and God bless! Feel free to share your thoughts below and follow us on social media @Ambitiousoulife on all platforms!

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