Beauty Hacks: Professional Tips For Seasonal Maintenance


Happy autumn everyone! We are back and we’ve caught up with two beauty pros with tips to keep our nails and skin sexy all season long, check us out below. . .

We’ve had the honor of chatting with Patrice Tillman of  Rock Hill, SC owner of Flawless Nails salon and she’s given us the run down on caring for our hands.

Credits: Patrice Tillman/ Flawless Nails

Nails are tools not jewels,” she says  “take care of your hands and feet as you’ll need them to take care of you for a lifetime“. Many of us glam up our gels, acrylics and even our natural nails for an edgy, hip, unique look and while they’re gorgeous we must remember it’s intended purpose and handle them with care. During our chat we’ve discussed budget friendly options and the best methods for at home care, Patrice recommendsWater and foods that are high in protein, biotin [or a hair/skin/nail vitamin] to stimulate growth. Gloves when gardening and chores as bacteria can grow on or under the nail plate”.


If you’re seeking a trusted nail hardener, her personal go-to is “Envy by OPI. This is a great product that protects and strengthens the natural nail”. Her last tip for us is “Keep your hands and feet moisturized to avoid cracks or hangnails” Wanna see more work from Patrice? Find her on social media @flawlessnails15 for both Instagram and Facebook.

Nails are tools not jewels, take care of your hands and feet as you’ll need them to take care of you for a lifetime,”

 As for your skin, owner of budding brand SugarPuff Skin Care , Tiara Thompkins says “Always clean your skin with cold water during ALL SEASONS, just to open up your pores. Use natural [and] healthy products [ with ingredients like] aloe vera plant, organic coconut oil, and witch hazel. Treat your skin gently. ” 


She recommends total consumption of all natural and organic foods. She’s offered us a few exclusive details concerning her new line “My first product is Glowing Galaxy, it has organic tea tree oil and aloe vera plant, this mixture helps [with] extra sensitive skin, acne, wounds, dry hair, and scalp. My second product is Angel Drop [which] has organic coconut oil and [ also] aloe vera plant in it, this mixture helps by treating dry, flaky skin and it nourishes the scalp.” Interested in more SugarPuff products? Tiara and her line can be found on social media IG: @TiaraThompkins | FB: Tia Cleopatra.

We want to send a special thanks to both Patrice and Tiara for their time and we want to thank YOU for reading.

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