Fall Is In The Air: Budget-Friendly Style Tips For The Every day You

Ladies, are you like me, constantly asking yourself “what am I going to wear today?” Are you (like most of us) wearing the same thing each week with little to spare for a new wardrobe?  If you’re looking to create a low-cost and even FREE self makeover then keep reading. . .

What to wear: (Compliment Your Shape)

As you already know, our fabulous comes in many shapes and sizes. Keying in to your daily routine will help you narrow down on your style.

Credits: Blognews.am

If you’re a full-time mom, wife, AND employee, like me, then you understand when I say jeans, paired with a nice top matched with comfortable Nikes would get me through the day. But I like to dress for the job that I want, not the job that I have so I tend to play it up a bit, add some accessories and you are sporty-chic!

Stretch YOUR Dollar:(Closet Shopping)

Some of us could use some fall cleaning with our closets,  every item that is no longer useful could be sold via consignment shops online or in store. Selling and buying each season is a great way to rotate your closet. there are a number of reliable go-to outfits  like

Credits: Pinterest

a nice blazer and blue jean set ( blazers MUST BE in season because they DO vary lol). The type of shirt and accessories paired with this can take you from parent teacher conferences, to dinner with the girls. This style is also good with heels or ballerina flats( still werking it!) If you are not a blazer type of girl there are so many other options that can set an outfit on fire.

Another go-to for this year is the maxi-trend, where style meets comfort.

Credits: Pinterest|Jenna Lyons, Lyon and Street Styles

Girl, take your pick with this! Fall is quickly approaching and paring a maxi-skirt with a fashion forward jean jacket can be a quick fix for a casual day (ccccuuuuuttttteeeee!) . We highly recommend using pinterest for styles that are closest to your taste. If you are unable to purchase or sell any items that you currently own, try using Craiglist’s free section in your local area, there are always items being given away that can be useful and we truly believe in old things becoming new. Search online for local pick-ups and even in your newspaper’s classified section. Our LAST options are contacting churches for any gently used clothing from members or community residents or dropping into your local consignment shop (plato’s closet, good will, etc.) to ask them about any unwanted clothing, they MAY allow you to take some or even ALL of the pieces that you need.

We encourage you to exhaust all of your options should your needs exceed your budget as times are tight and even tighter when you have mouths to feed. Remember that we are always here to offer the best information for our working class people. We will keep you updated on all future events, tips, topics and more!

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