How To Absolutely SLAY As Maid of Honor

Being chosen as maid of honor has truly been an honor in itself, it has also been a pain in my hind parts as it entails a LOT more than I’d bargained for. I’m excited for my best sis on her upcoming nuptials, and at times I feel like it’s mine when assisting with [choosing] colors, fabrics, dresses, inspo, Pinterest, venue hopping, and price checking galore.


Being just a single woman in the present, I had no idea what it meant to plan a wedding, this secondhand experience has my head warped. Should my husband find me sooner than later just send me to the courthouse and we’ll keep you posted on an actual wedding (lol). In all seriousness, if you’ve never experienced this side of life, it certainly has it’s ups and downs. A lot of time, money and emotions play a major role in this planning business and as the MOH it’s your duty to bear a little of the burden to ensure that the bride isn’t too overwhelmed, even if it’s overwhelming you. But, like the loyal servant friend that I am, I’m thugging it out with my day one. If you, too, are selected to be slave maid of honor this is what you will be required to do and darn it, you better SLAYY while doing it!


1. Be Second-In-Command


Unless the bride has hired a wedding planner you, my dear, will be expected to assist in approving dress designs,color, and leading the pack in making sure all dresses and accessories are ordered/purchased in a timely manner. Extended duties may include confirming makeup appointments and traveling details

 2. Plan the Bridal/Bachelorette Festivities

Credits:  BellaNaija.Com

As S.B.I.C. , you will be responsible for hosting a fabulous bridal shower AND bachelorette party. The bride may choose one or the other, be prepared for both and link with the bridesmaids on preparation

3. Moral Support


You can bet your best money that at 1 am the bride may call, text, or FaceTime you concerning her wedding woes. My best advice is to grin and bear it, sis. Tears will be shed and tantrums will be had and you are number two in the chain of commands so when one is out, you are in charge. You will be mediator and dictator when duty calls.

4. Adjusting The Bride

Credits: Matthew Paultz Photography

Adjust her gown with grace (if necessary) once she arrives to the altar, along with holding the bouquet once she and the groom begin exchanging rings and saying vows. This job also includes assisting her with using the restroom to make sure that she doesn’t ruin her dress when she goes to the “loo”.

5. Sign The Marriage Certificate


That’s right, you are the witness to this union and along with the best man you will need to sign the docs to make this thing official.

6. Manage The Reception

Credits: Ebony Magazine

Again, if there is no wedding planner involved, you will be S.B.I.C. to handle guests, gifts, questions, the bride, AND the speech. No matter how frightening this may seem, you’ve accepted the position and now you must SLAY at executing. Take as much time as you need before the wedding to prep and keep the liquor wine Red Bull on hand.

We can’t guarantee that you won’t shed a few tears of frustration joy so keep a flask compact with you to help you refresh your makeup throughout the day. Best of luck to you, you sexy MOH. Now, SLAY !

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