#REPLAY Brandy Explains Why She is Enjoying Her New Curves

We are choosing to repost this older story to ENCOURAGE our ladies to LOVE YOURSELVES at ANY SIZE. . .


Recently, I’ve put on a few pounds that have made be feel a little less than beautiful and  after taking photos at my daughter’s birthday party, I dared not to post any photos of myself to social media due to my own insecurities. I’ve been rather vocal to those in my inner circle about my fluctuating weight. . . every few months my weight would balloon and then the next few, I would be on the slimmer side. It’s a frustrating journey, especially when I’m used to being smaller with a more athletic body type some times you become ashamed of yourself. One thing that I’ve been practicing  is loving myself no matter where I am on the scale. Weight is considered a reversible change, just as ice melts down to water and refreezes back to ice, weight can be lost and gained in a similar fashion.

I’ve seen the “pregnant” and the “unhealthy eating” comments aimed towards Brandy and her new look, some make me cringe and others, a strong eye roll has been in order. I’m all for being healthy and treating your body with care, we only get one. It’s important that we get our concerns across in a respectful manner while encouraging ourselves and our loved ones to maintain their temple.

If you’ve missed the hoopla surrounding #ThickBrandy , see the original post below 🙂

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Brandy gets it. You think she’s pregnant. Her weight gain is such a surprise to you that it can’t be anything but pregnancy. But in reality, the star said that the story behind her fluctuation in weight over the last year or two is actually because she wanted and needed a break from eating healthy 24/7.

But first, the pregnancy rumors.

“You know what’s crazy? When I was 23, I fibbed about being married because I wanted to have my baby, and I thought that if I didn’t say I was married — I didn’t want to lose my fans,” she said about the last time she was actually with child in a chat with TrueExclusives. “I didn’t want to disappoint anybody, which is why I said, I don’t want to just go down the aisle just to go down the aisle because I’m pregnant. I want…

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