QOTT: What Are You Desiring From God?


I’ve had many discussions with a fellow sister-in-Christ concerning our current lives, our futures and our personal desires. I’ve always been very private about my personal goals, I tend to stay tight-lipped on much of my life, in general, but she had asked me what it is that I wanted from God. I remember explaining to her that I didn’t know what I wanted and that many of my desires were so intertwined that I wouldn’t know how to present them before the Lord. She had proceeded to ask me to tell her what I wanted, I began to share with her my thoughts and within mid-sentence she stopped me and said “you see what you just told me? Everything, right there, is what you need to tell God. . .” I realized that we can come to God about anything and that nothing is too far-fetched.  He knows us, He knows our hearts and He can receive your requests no matter how broken your vocabulary may be.

The reason why I’m touching on this topic today is because I ran across this little note in the archives of my phone, I had initially meant for it to stay private but I felt in my spirit to share it with you all and to have you involved if you are experiencing this same issue. I ask that you all pause, reflect and ask yourself. . .

What Are You Desiring From God? What Do You Want God To Do In YOUR Life?

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