Should We Be “Leveling Up”?


Singer Ciara recently posted to her Instagram a clip of a sermon from pastor John Gray explaining that if women want to be married, they have to stop acting like a girlfriend and start acting like a wife. Ciara captioned the video “Level Up. #DontSettle” which made a lot of women mad. Jacque Reid goes Inside […]

via Inside Her Story: Understanding The Ciara Controversy With Pastor John Gray — Black America Web

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  1. ulondabest says:

    I heard this on the radio, I understand how some may feel like he could be saying some women are not enough. In my opinion I feel like I am. So what he said does not bother me. If his statement was offensive to some or strikes them wrong it could possibly be from their own conscience. Somewhere inside feeling ” Is this me?” Or could it possibly be “I have to protect the ones that feel the way I felt before?” I don’t know. What I do know is it was put on his heart, to say this. Maybe people should listen to the whole sermon before being so angry.


    1. Absolutely! I am going to post my own interpretation of this very, very soon be on the look out 😉


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