#TalkToMeTuesdays : Protesting The Anthem

Lebron James made a huge stir on Saturday by tweeting the president and calling him a ” bum” . . .

He’s since made an additional statement defending his comment, which stemmed from Donald Trump’s “withdrawal” of invitation from Golden States’s Stephen Curry, who’d initially rejected the president’s request to visit the White House.

Trump has gone on another one of his infamous tweeting sprees, condemning athletes that protest during the anthem, calling out their “disrespect” for our country and had even suggested that the American people boycott the NFL. Colin Kaepernick’s name was thrown into the mix because of his kneeling during the national anthem, which outraged many Americans and caused him to go into free agency.

The weekend’s events sent social media into a frenzy with users creating the hashtag #StandForOurAnthem while others challenged the stance due to many social injustices and violations of civil rights. Colin, is no longer alone in his fight as other celebrities are showing their support, recently, news broke of hip-hop mogul and businessman, Jay-Z turning down a halftime performance for the 2018 Super Bowl. Just last year Beyoncé caused an uproar at the Super Bowl for performing in Black Panther gear and assembling her performers as such.

This Tuesday we want to hear from YOU, tell us how you feel, will you #ProtestTheAnthem or #StandForOurAnthem . . .?

Discuss below or carry the convo onto social media, Facebook: Ambitiousoul/ Instagram & Twitter: @Ambitiousoulife

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