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Today we are discussing urine, it is an uncomfortable topic, but it’s also important to discuss exactly what your body is telling you every time it filters out waste (and, sometimes,  it’s not always “waste”) see, below. . .

We’ll start light, contrary to popular belief, you don’t always need a full 8 glasses of water to keep your kidneys working well, according to MSN LIFESTYLE a cool 4-6 glasses of water a day will give your kidneys what it needs. But sticking with just a cup or two a day could challenge the organ. Not only will you not have enough water flushing out your system to keep your sodium levels in check, but a dehydrated body will have a harder time keeping its blood pressure up.  You may not experience a progressed or severe level of every day, but make sure you drink enough water if you’re exercising a lot or outside on a hot day.

kidneyThe site also states that supplements and a “natural” label does NOT mean you’re in the clear with your kidneys: “Just because a product is marketed as ‘natural’ doesn’t mean it’s good for you. ‘There are plenty of herbal medicines out there that are harmfulCase in point: A plant-based ingredient called aristolochic acid can be found in ‘traditional medicines,’ but it can cause scarring in the kidneys. Many people, especially those of African decent, are turning to a more holistic approach to healing, which is fine and well! We do need to make sure that we are thoroughly researching products before introducing them to our bodies and taking the necessary steps prior to consuming them. We may be at risk to allergic reactions, illnesses (that may not have a true cure), and even death. Consult with a trusted physician prior to application or ingestion.applejuice

If you’ve ever pondered on the color of your urine, it links back to the previous information above. Colors can range from a light yellow to a deep amber, like apple juice, and this could mean your body is dehydrated. An unusual urine color can be a sign of disease and according to the Mayo Clinic, many over-the-counter and prescription medications give urine vivid tones, such as raspberry red, lemon yellow or greenish blue.

Some hues of red can indicate blood in your urine. This could mean:

  • Urinary tract infections
  • Enlarged prostate, in men
  •  Tumors (Malignant or benign)
  •  Kidney cysts
  • Kidney/bladder stones.

Should you experience abnormal coloring including orange, green, or blue urine please seek medical attention this could stem from your current prescriptions, an underlying health condition or the foods you are eating. A few other things that contribute to your urinal health is age, gender, activity level, and your family history.

For more information on this topic please visit www.mayoclinic.org .

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