It’s Health Fact Friday!

Today, we’re talking all things Agave from benefits, to uses, and even the origin of this wonderful tequila making plant (yes, it’s the ingredient behind your favorite drink *wink*).

Agave-attenuata-3Native to the hot and arid  regions of Mexico and the Southwestern parts of the United States, agave nectar is a healthy, natural sweetener that’s gluten and allergen free. Found in the juice of an Agave tequilana, its low glycemic index won’t over stimulate the production of insulin like refined sugar & works as the perfect sugar substitute.

How can it be used?

  • Agave nectar dissolves quickly which makes it perfect  for cold drinks, like iced tea or cocktails. It can also replace honey and sugar while baking !
  • Want an alternative syrup for your pancakes? Pour some dark agave nectar on your flap jacks straight out of the bottle, you’ll thank us later.

The good thing about this “sweetener” is that it’s very smooth in consistency and neutral in taste, it’s also known to assist with weight management. It’s blandness comes in handy as it doesn’t interfere with the flavor of other ingredients. The only con to this pleasant little treat is that it does pack more calories and it’s much sweeter than sugar (about 40%) so you’ll only need it small amounts, especially, if you’re a diabetic.

Looking for an alternative to some of these artificial sweeteners? Grab yourself some organic agave nectar today! You’ll be glad you did.

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