Celibacy: The Choice & The Lifestyle

The act of love making is a true art, it was designed in a way for men and women to connect in one of the highest forms possible. It’s creation was gifted to mankind, and if performed correctly, it’ll give right back to you. The idea of abstaining from an act so natural and enjoyable as sexual intercourse is viewed as absurd and almost unheard of in a society saturated with sex of all kinds. Recently, actress and self proclaimed Christian, Yvonne Orji was under fire due to being a 32 year old virgin despite playing “Molly”, a rather sexually-liberated individual on her hit show Insecure. Her revelation sent social media into a frenzy with many users commending her stance on sex while others shamed the young actress for withholding pleasure from herself.

Yvonne Orji. Credit: Issue Magazine

She wasn’t the only celebrity making a statement with their love life , newlyweds Ciara and Russell Wilson made headlines when they announced that they were practicing celibacy prior to their marriage back in 2016. Another high profile couple, Meagan Good and husband DeVon Franklin published a book entitled “The Wait” in 2015 that has gone on to become a New York Best Seller. “The Wait” discusses the lives of Meagan and DeVon prior to their commitment to celibacy and follows them until after their wedding. . .

A number of questions arise when talking about abstaining and the most common is “why?”. Well, many that choose this lifestyle are of the Christian faith and are simply abiding by their belief in God, an act of obedience. Some use it to “clear their heads” or “regain focus” and others only believe in having sex with their significant other. We’re pushing this topic to the forefront to embrace those that are choosing to live their lives differently, to celebrate their purity and view their way of life as a symbol of courage and selflessness.

Ambitiousoul has taken the initiative to shine a light on a quieter side of sexuality and we have decided to follow 3 women from around the world that are on a celibacy journey. For the next few weeks we will be releasing a series of videos surrounding the lives of women pursuing total purity. We will learn the ups and downs, the sacrifices, the lessons and even the blessings in what it means to abstain from sex. We are pleased to introduce to you the faces of our #CommitmentToPurity : Boitumelo Molefe (23), South Africa; Joycia Bell (43), Zachary, LA; Katalina Scott (35) , Beaumont, TX.

Boitumelo (Left); Joycia (Top), Katalina (Bottom)

Starting next Wednesday we will have one of our beautiful participants reveal their unique story. We applaud their courageousness and we are just as excited to have them grace us with their time, energy and all around effort. Please be on the look out for the #CommitmentToPurity Series next week! Right here on Ambitiousoul.

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