Time management has never been my forte, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been late just about everywhere that I go, and it’s not only something that hurts your reputation but it’s embarrassing. Every job that I’ve ever had I’ve been written up due to my lack of timeliness, I’ve missed out on some pretty important events due to poor timing and I’m infamously known for being tardy in my circle of family and friends. I remember back in my grade-school days, teachers used to tell me “you’re gonna be late to your own funeral” which wouldn’t be a bad thing, in fact, it’s exactly the way that I’d have it. Past (and current) employers have given me remarks, such as, “you’re a wonderful employee, but you have to be here on time” in my mind, I know and understand this and I want to say so badly that it’s not my fault! (It is, but blaming unforeseen events just seems easier) Very often it just seems that time slips away, and quickly! People have constantly given me tips for being a specific place, at a specific time and it doesn’t work for me (or maybe I’m doing it wrong).

Give yourself an extra hour prior to the event so that you can get there on time…

This seems like such wonderful, and useful advice, doesn’t it? I can prepare about 2 hours prior and still be rushing out the door at the last-minute and I can’t quite understand why. I’ve gotten by on the skin of my teeth for a while now and as an adult who’s still trying to hold life together while keeping an eye on my watch, I get how important it is to be on time. I realize that not being prompt is rude, it shows that you don’t have respect for anyone else’s time, it makes you look flimsy and unreliable, people may even avoid asking you to go somewhere with or for them because they know you cannot be trusted to show up when asked. What I’ve come up with to [sort of] put some order in my life is this:

  • Write down or use your calendars [whether on your phone or the traditional hanging ones] to schedule your life! This comes in handy when you are trying to figure out what time to start your homework or that report your boss asked you to type up by Friday.

  • Use your maps to give you the exact amount of time it takes to get from point “A” to point “B”. In this world of advanced technology our phones have GPS and there are a number of GPS apps to assist you with planning the best routes along with telling you WHEN you need to leave and the condition(s) of traffic within your route

  • INVEST IN A RELIABLE ALARM! We all use our phones for most things, myself included. I use my phone’s alarm every single morning, but as of late my phone has been acting crazy so I now have to invest in an actual clock as a backup plan for the next time my phone decides it wants to not respond at 5 am *insert angry face and dramatic long sigh emoji*.

  • Plan your outfits the night before instead of the morning of, it’ll save you AT LEAST 30 minutes and this way you have more time to match tops with bottoms, outfits with shoes and accessories with both ^_^

  • Go to sleep at a REASONABLE time. I’m a #Vamplife girl, myself, and sometimes we want to binge watch our favorite shows or cram in that last bit of physics before the test at 8 am or perfect the presentation that we have to give to the execs first thing at 9. . .Well, if you’d practiced time management and understood the importance of doing things when they’re first given to you, rather than rushing at the last-minute then you wouldn’t be in this predicament, heck, you wouldn’t need the basic tips I’m giving you right now! (ha!)

  • Prioritize! Sometimes you have to turn down events in order to get things done and to get them done right so your extracurriculars, parties, and friends (even family) will have to play second fiddle until you’ve successfully completed your tasks. At times it can be difficult because you really wanted to go to that party, you wanted to be at that concert but it’s nothing compared to the trouble that you would’ve endured had you misplaced them (priorities).

I’m almost sure that I am missing a slew of other things that I could tell you but these are the most important of all and I really didn’t want to make this post too terribly long, in this day and age most of us have the attentionspan of a goldfish and I’d lose your interest (which I’d hate). But please do follow Ambitiousoul for all of the newest updates, drop your comments below to start a brand new convo and, lastly if you are a twitter user feel free to follow and @ me! (Promise I’ll write back ^_^)

Be blessed, you all!

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