Why I’m [Almost] Leaving Social Media

I’m not unfamiliar with the pattern of breaking up with social media and then resurfacing to the life behind status updates, photo uploads and the like [literally]. I often seep into a hiatus when I feel that my priorities are being compromised and I’m not doing much aside from scrolling, liking, sharing or commenting. This consumes time and becomes addictive, I can openly admit to paying less time to my toddler while my phone becomes glued to my palms and my fingers are tapping away. This was a wake up, I cant allow myself to miss out on beautiful moments due to something as insignificant as a facebook post. My life lies right here in front of me, with my daughter…

Social media can be a good thing if you know how to balance your life between reality and virtual reality, with all of the pros that come with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. There are many cons that follow from oversharing yourself.

I found myself getting angry with people from their views on certain topics or the way that they’ve presented themselves online. After a while I’d figured “well, I’ll just delete them and weed out the bad apples”, it put a bandage on the wound but it didn’t heal it, I would post statuses and photos and begin to compare my approval rating (number of likes) with others. Yes, they were nice but how do I get MORE? How do I get MORE people to like my updates, why aren’t I getting numbers in the triple digits? I have the “friends” but where are they? Am I ugly? Do these people not like me in general? But, I’m so positive, why don’t people come by the flocks to approve my inspirational quotes, and innocent photos? I was driving myself insane and it’s awful. Attention is something that can be just addictive as any drug and many people do desperate things for it. Social media is a place where everyone has a platform, the insecure, the self-righteous, the bullies, the cowards, the popular and the unpopular. Social media might as well be a global high school.

I dont have the desire to bash social media, people use these outlets for what best fits their lifestyles and that’s perfectly okay. I do think that as I grow and evolve into the woman that God has destined me to be, that there may not be much room in such a fast paced, ever changing world of virtual life. I don’t do well with facades and I, now, understand that I have a low tolerance for nonsense, especially, with having such an old fashioned upbringing. I seek a life of minimal exposure, living without showing the world where I am, who I’m with and what I’m doing. I admire women like Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Lauren London, and Sadé they seem to live a normal life in somewhat of a seclusion. These women of color are successful and well-traveled without seeking to push their private and most precious moments into the forefront.

I can only aspire to be a phenomenal mother, wife- woman of color with much success while keeping tight lipped on much of my personal life. Social media isn’t “the devil” but the many ways in which it is used, counters its designed purpose.

Let me know your thoughts on this topic as well as other topics, and don’t forget to follow me on twitter @NadjiiNadji !

Be blessed 💋.

Photos courtesy of Google & Instagram

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