#BBCorner [Interview]: Willowskye Designs

Meet Tasia Graham! Owner and operator of Willowskye Designs, a graphic design company based in North Carolina. I had the pleasure of conducting a brief (and last minute) interview with her as we’ve discussed the topics of business, life, and so much more. Read along as Tasia gives us a glimpse of her journey as a budding entrepreneur. . .

Tasia Graham, Owner of Willowskye

AMBSOUL: How are you and how is business?

TASIA: I’m doing good. Business is gradually picking up.

AMBSOUL: Tell us about you, who is Tasia Graham and what is Willowskye?

TASIA: Tasia is a dreamer. She’s optimistic and loves life and family. She walks to the beat of her own tune. . .90’s R&B to be exact. *laughs* Willowskye is one of my dreams that I’m slowly turning into a reality, it’s my brand, it’s what I represent.

AMBSOUL: When did you, finally, decide to go into business for yourself?

TASIA: I decided to go into business after giving birth to my daughter in 2016. Having her made me realize that I was capable of doing anything I put my mind to!

AMBSOUL: How did you come up with

your company name & what is your speciality?

TASIA: [I do] Creative design, stationery, branding, art prints, etc. I started with [the name] Tasia Graham Designs. I love my name but I wanted something more elegant, so I researched names and their meanings, and I asked myself “what is something that means a lot to me?” [and] that would be my baby girl! Her name is Skylar so she’s the meaning behind Skye, and Willow represents graceful, which is what I represent, so I combined the two and created Willowskye!

AMBSOUL: What has been your biggest struggle, so far, as an entrepreneur?

TASIA: Patience. I expect everything to happen quickly and when it doesn’t, I get a little frustrated.

AMBSOUL: While we’re still on the topic, what are some of the best tips that you would offer to an aspiring minority business owner?

TASIA: Do You! Don’t compare, or try to compete. Follow your heart and do what you love. If you have the vision, it’s there for a reason–move forward.

AMBSOUL: You are a mother, a wife, and now the owner and operator of a flourishing graphic design company, how do you manage such a full life?

TASIA: God. *laughs* I’m serious He is the reason I can handle it all. It gets hard to balance everything sometimes, but once you get in the rhythm of things, it all works out.

AMBSOUL: Do you currently have an assistant to help with the load of processing orders and handling social media?

TASIA: Not at the moment. I’m a one woman show, but my goal is to have a staff one day.

AMBSOUL: Social media, how important is this platform to your business?

TASIA: Oh, it’s very important. People are constantly on their phones looking at Facebook, Twitter on Instagram. You have to go where the people are, and right now, that’s social media.

AMBSOUL: Please, tell us how we can find Willowskye.

TASIA: You can find me on Instagram and Facebook @willowskyedesigns. You can also visit my website, www.willowskyedesigns.com

AMBSOUL: What new and upcoming products can we expect from you in the future?

TASIA: I have quite a few things up my sleeve, you’ll just have to wait and see!

I have to extend a huge thank you to Tasia for taking the time out of her busy schedule to do an interview with Ambitiousoul! Below are a few photos of her work and as a frequent customer of hers I can say for certain that she constantly produces quality.

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