America, We HAVE NOT Come As Far As We Think

The events that has transpired over the weekend are heartbreaking, hateful, senseless and embarrassing. I send my prayers and condolences to all involved in the tragic attack on the positive protesters in Charlottesville. I want to take the time to reflect on the meaning of white supremacy and very briefly elaborate on what it means for us in America.

This anger and hatred carried out this past weekend was something that isn’t brand new, it hasn’t gone away, and it cannot be swept under the rug. These people are not for unity, they are not for positivity and most importantly, they are not for anyone but themselves. This rally was full of human beings that hate ANYONE that does not look like them, not just African Americans. They hate anyone who’s Jewish, Latino, Asian, etc. This isn’t just against one set of people, they want to rule the world and exterminate anything that isn’t “pure white”. I can’t help but point out a photo that was circulating twitter of a young black police officer, standing in front of the barriers PROTECTING the very people that wanted him dead.

Credits: Twitter

Listening to the radio this morning, the Gov. of Virginia stated that those people rallying for white supremacy not only outnumbered the police, they out armored them, as well. According to his words they wore better protection [bullet proof vests & other products] semi-automatic weapons and so on. This group came prepared for battle. What I cannot ignore, or wrap my head around is the positioning of everyone in an event such as this. A hate group was being protected BY police officers while practicing free speech, practicing their right to protest, along with their right to bear arms, all of which was given to us in the constitution as part of our amendments. But let’s turn the tables around and think about the protests and marches by Black Lives Matter, those that care to find justice for people of color who have been viciously murdered BY police officers, the ones seen PROTECTING the white supremacists and their movement. It’s so puzzling because these officers, which I will assume are all good hearted people, are called to protect and serve but who exactly is it for? Why are police officers seen, protecting the community FROM Black Lives Matters [or black people in general] and a list of other organizers while protecting a hate group FROM the community? The ones that came armed and dangerous, the ones that can protect themselves. What message are we sending to the world? Better yet, what message are we sending each other?

Furthermore, why do we have to pull teeth to get [and I use this term so very loosely] America’s Commander In Chief to speak out against these acts and call it what it is? From the looks of things and even news casters, those holding public office, etc. are noticing how much these hate groups have seemed to found a friend in the President, Donald J. Trump. He hasn’t denounced these groups as of yet and maybe this is because he knows who his biggest supporters are, these are the same people that show up to his conventions, wearing the slogan: Make America Great Again, and chants his praises, these people are the ones who’s very existence depends on making sure that the existence of others, are no more.

America, we HAVE NOT come as far as we think. We are on the brink of war with other countries while fighting a war at home. Peace to you all, we can continue this conversation via twitter or comment below. Don’t forget to follow Ambsoul for all of the latest updates ✌🏽.

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